Why Not

i am a huge lover of music in particular classic rock. a couple of months ago i decided to collect all of the studio albums errr sorry cd's (showing my age) by some of my favorite artists. for those who don't know what i mean by studio albums i basically mean the original stuff skipping all of the greatest hits compilations. i want to hear the stuff these bands did that perhaps never got played on the radio.

i decided to start with 10 bands and i will probably expand on that eventually. so without further ado and at the risk of being labelled as an idiot (or possibly OCD sufferer) here is first 10 bands that i will collect.

1. Kiss-my first ever favorite band and still my favorites live

2. Rush-incredibly talented trio

3. Pink Floyd-some of the early stuff is....weird LOL

4. Queen-Freddie Mercury R.I.P.

5. Styx-Rockin' the Paradise is still one of my favorites

6. Journey-but don't tell anyone ok

7. Triumph-love the song Fight The Good Fight very inspirational

8. Kansas-Dust In The Wind....need i say more?

9. Boston-the talent is obvious and its amazing how popular they have remained putting out one new album every 10 years or so LOL

10. Dio-the guy has such a powerful voice for such a little guy and he's a great songwriter

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3 Responses Feb 23, 2009

i'm going to put myself into bankruptcy but since i posted this story i've added Heart, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Elton John, Scorpions, Moody Blues, Ratt, Meat Loaf and ZZ Top LOL

Sounds like a good start... hope you got them! Triumph is a band I haven't heard played in forever! Was one of my first concerts... well them, Loverboy and Joan Jett- haha. Almost caught a the stick the drummer sailed into the audience... was a good concert!

hmmm i think i hear crickets LOL either everyone agrees with my list or they think its so bad its not worth commenting on LOL