True Life America - Was Collecting Unemployment Insurance - Still Unemployed Since 2008

I was laid off in December 2008 as an Administrative Assistant in Real Estate Development Industry.  I collected unemployment while submitting resumes and attending interviews and job fairs.  I am living with my mother for shelter and survival, and while collecting unemployment, lived off any savings I had in the bank.  As of 2010, I exhausted my unemployment, I'm exhausted from looking for employment, and decided to provide a service on my own for income.  I have spent approximately $300.00 in advertisement costs in three publications.  Have one steady customer, and a few interested potential clients.  I worked a big job for a contractor, seven hours of work, only to have learned he will not pay me.


I don't want to live anymore.

UnempAdminAssist UnempAdminAssist
51-55, F
Feb 23, 2010