Gang Attack?!

I live in Florida and my parents are full Colombian. At times, wherever my dad want's me to go to Colombia I go for summer vacation. It was the my fifth day in Colombia and I was walking around the streets with my cousin. We passed right through a group of guys which I'm guessing looked like a gang? Well anyways, they started following us and i started to get freaked out due to the past. They grabbed us and lifted us up! They were trying to steal anything they can from us. Some guy tried getting my phone but i was holding onto it so damn tight. I was screaming my lungs out until someone finally told them to stop and they ran away. I will never forget that.. People might think it's dangerous. Which it is... but it was actually very funny afterward, haha.
xtcxdosex xtcxdosex
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Hey $hit happens. I have been jumped you just kinda get used to it .

where in Florida do you live? i'm in Florida too and i'm Colombian too. can you circle me please?thx