My Colorblind Story

I am not fully colorblind, but I get colors confused and I need to read labels to know wht color something is and I feel weird admitting it cuz people make fun of me and give me crap and I feel like its a disability I get scared to tell teachers tht I can't see colors cuz one time a teacher laughed then told her story. So should I feel bad? Do u have a colorblind problem?
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Don't feel bad, one of my teachers is color blind and so is my mom and I'm a tad colorblind also, it's all good!

I also can't see 3D movies because my eyes can't see 3D. I know that sounds weird but its true I can't so I have many eye problems

I can't see 3D either

Dear jman13

Dont be scared. I never heard of that problem tho. You are very young. You are growing very fast and your energy is "hormonally" messy.
I don't know but it might be temporary.
The more you will be scared and touchy about others reactions, and Trust me for that, I know how painful it is,
The more Confusion in your hormones.
It is like my dreams. Some are clearer.Some are chaotic, Many might laugh
but usually, educated people can detect there is something very powerful in them. They come from a place Beyond our Control.

My point is you must convert this "disability" into a New Wealth. Your Realm.
Colours might be speaking to you in their language
Maybe you are a seer and some day you will know why this "disability"

The best thing you can do is to tell people straight into their EYES "I am Color Blind" If they laugh you QUIETLY look in their EYES and say "Like YOu are Life Blind" or "HumanBlind"
that will destabilize their idiocy. Only idiots can laugh about abnormality.
Abnormality is often linked with Genius.

Try to make an intense sport where colours don't matter and exhaust your body. YOur mind will get clearer and Your Colour blindness might improve.
Doctors will tell you what they need to tell you
But logically, your food is very important. Eat those nutriments that help vision. Spinachs, Carotts, Blueberries are the best for vision.
They protect the internal external eye (purpurea if I remember correctly).

If you are told that this has no cure, remember one important Lesson.
Doctors often told a patient there was no cure and one day the patient cured himself.
Stay Calm and surround yourself with calm people. Dont touch cigarettes ever. Dont touch alcohol. Focuse on Stability of emotions.
And colours might stabilize. I don't know.

Stop feeling guilty and find Support in a Good Friend or Confident.
Be Patient and Be Honest. Dont Panic. If you need help, just ask for it.
I am sure you will develop some extraordinary sensibility that other people lack.

Best Wishes and Pray God for Assistance. HE always listens but you must Listen to Him too.

Hey thanks I won't but I've had this problem since I was born but I will try not to be scared thanks for the advice :)