Colors? What Colors...?

Hello im ron and im colorblind. Asside from the normal jokes and many dumb questions people ask me like 'ok what color is this?' Im totally amazed at how few other men have this thing. So its nice to chat with you just for that alone. It has effected every part of my life. I lost jobs..failed tests in school...i hate table games and colors just never matter I grew up not participating in pick up games where boys wore all colors. Who is on my team? Instead of seeing color I rather see personality and look more at the whole rainbow..Well hope I did not put you ti sleep but life is still good and quite frankly I laugh at people who argue colors and they should both know them..Thanks and be well.
Dlanorh Dlanorh
2 Responses May 8, 2012

What kind of colorblindness do you have?

To comment on my own story is great...I would like to know more if you odd people. Please rsvp!