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I first found out that I was color blind in kindergarten. The teacher was worried because I drew a picture of my family on a red hill next to a purple river. The wrapper on the crayons I was using had been torn down so low that the name of the color was gone. I then had to look at those bubble tests, and could barely see any of them. Knowing that I was colorblind made life easier.

As an adult, the biggest problem I have is having a very mono-chromatic wardrobe. Not being able to differentiate lots of colors means that the best way to avoid problems is to make sure all of my clothes match all of my other clothes. So I don't have a lot of variety. But it makes getting dressed for work pretty quick and easy.
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Dear all my friends.
yes we all are here to find a way out for colour blindness. I read a quote which I would like to share with you all.
Future of Colour blinds -

In spite of talent and technical knowledge with complete expertise in the professional field many a times colour blindness becomes a barrier and first criteria for eliminating the potential individual from proving his caliber not only in airlines, railways, navy, engineering, medical, law enforcementbut at every level of entry into the professional world. Hopefully this scenario will change in near future with the advancement in the management and treatment of colour blindness.

When I read it I really felt that it would be so nice if my colour blindness is cured its long back story morethan 8yrs back.
Then I underwent Homoeopathic treatment and me my brother and children are free from colour blindness.

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All I see is red and blue all the other colors look the same, I can't tell which is purple or which is green. I once wore a bright green shirt with purple pants and two shoes that were the same kind of show but one was orange the other was green.

Well at least it saves you time for going to work, lol.