In science, we are talking about genetics and chromosomes and all that jazz.

I am a red/green colourblind but it is triggered, and some wierd allergic reactions stuff happens. I am not colourblind all the time is what I mean.

Anyway, so today she asked how many people were colourblind. There was me and this other guy. So she gave one of those colourblind test circles to each group of tables. The book had tons of them. I mix up all my 8's and 3's and i couldn't see the elephant or birds.

Just for those of you who are completely lost. It is a circle made up of different coloured dots and a pattern or picture is formed by the dofferent clours, if you are colourblind, they are extremely difficult to see.

When i have to go to the the optometrist, they have the same thing, but a pacman is formed in the circle. I can never see the pacman !!!!!! :(



And yes I am from Australia and we spell it coloUr

Yes, with a U !!!

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its an x-chromosome recessive gene. females are mostly carriers because they have two x's and mostly the dominant gene does not let the recessive colour blindness causing gene to kick in. men, on the other hand, have only one x from their carrier or affected mother so they are more likely to be colourblind.<br />
I remember that from 10th grade biology. hehe

thanx :)

Haha, yeah she's pretty cool!<br />
<br />

you bet i am !!!

Im sure Iv learnt that colourblindness is very unusual in females. You must be one unique and special woman amz!

Actually darling coloUr is the right way! :-)<br><br />
<br><br />
The americans spell it color which is not right if you go to the origin of english, it was from UK and there its colour and oxford goes it colour too, so dont feel bad! Its just that america has a different culture and not just for colour for honour favour and much more...