Rejected____yeah; Dejected__no Way!

So i got disqualified because i found out that i was colourblind. Well, not exactly found out.... since i studied a chapter on Genetics in 10th grade biology and there was a chart for testing colourblindness in that. I could only see that number 16 in broken bits. But i can see a red or a green and tell... and i thought, maybe since i was applying in aeronautical engineering and not in air defence or for becoming a general duty pilot, it would be ok.

But it wasn't. They checked me and i couldn't tell what was written in about six to seven of twenty charts. Then they checked other things, weight, height, eyesight etc. it was okay. They brought me to another room and i was checked again, but same things happened. I was fine, i was told, but couldn't go on and might i have better luck anywhere else.

So i came out of the room and told my friend. He couldn't believe it. But he had to and broke out of the queue and came to the gates to see me off. Talking in sad tones and comforting me.

"Don't worry, okay?"

"No tension, man". I said and stepped out. I was heading towards my bike but thought otherwise. And went to the big store across the road and went straight to the freezer and brought out a walls feast, paid at the counter and started walking on the footpath and started thinking. Okay, it wasn't that bad.. i thought.. it was just a chance afterall. But what i felt bad about was that  I had spent so much time on the academic test and now i'd have to work for the college exams too.

"Out of the way, you!" said a woman who had been talking on her cell and had just bumped into me. And i stopped. The icecream was almost finished. I cleaned the stick and threw it aside and went back to my bike and then to home.

As i thought about it, i saw the many good things this experience had taught me. I had prepared for math and physics and it is still going to help me in the exam AND i'll be free. I'll have so many career options and hopefully see the face of a proper college too. They aren't as particular about colourblindness in the army, i've heard(unlike here...hehe even one of the applicants for the accounts branch was being rejected among the four others who were like me)

And if i can prepare so much for this, i can work double as hard for the engineering colleges entry tests. I've heard one of them offers a full scholarship for top students, so there are still many ways open for me.

And thank goodness its genetic and doesn't have a cure.. think about it, if there were glasses for colour blindness, they would look so horrible on me.

And i like my eyes whatever they say




NO WAY! I love being the way i am. If anybody doesn't like me, its their problem not mine.

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Hey ! You are fantastic just the way you are.... there loss for not securing you .<br />
<br />
It is also of interest that MOST men are colour blind ! Did you know?<br />
<br />
My Son considered the air force in our country. he has worn glasses since he was 3 yrs old because he can't see 3 feet in front of himself. The air force would take him AND pay for laser treatment to correct his sight. My son "chicken out" because he didn't want to go into hospital.<br />
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I think you are destined for great things and the air force was not God's will. I feel you will get a scholarship to college.<br />
<br />
hugssssssssssssssssssssssssssss<br />

heh i see that..*shake head*:)

he's not the worrying type.


then he sent a text which goes something like:<br />
life is short, live it<br />
truth is rare, find it<br />
...*i don't remember the middle part, i deleted it*...<br />
you are good, know it<br />
i am better, accept it.<br />
<br />

omg :) ..heh i wonder what ur friend is thinkin now=/

yeah... hehehe<br />
i wonder what they'll do to him


And my friend just texted me to tell that he was referred to a hospital because he has weak eyesight(he already wears glasses) and ear-cleaning.... hehe, he said he actually has to go to a hospital to get his ears cleaned and i said WHHAT?