Want my picture? Talk to me, get to know me some and I'll do it. Why won't I give you the pic first? Because I don't care about what someone looks like. I don't have, I don't want to unless I get to know you. You don't get to demand a picture. That's what I want. Respect that as I respect whatever you choose.
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It is only natural for humans to associate on a "deeper" or rather, shall we say more personal level if there is imagery involved, this can at times be daunting especially if the person who is asked to share their image has issues with how they look, even people who are by wordly standards the picture of perfection finds it intimidating to share their image in fear that people would not want to explore their inner workings any farther than what their eyes see. I totally get it though.

Thank you! I have had some enlightening, amusing, deep and emotional conversations with people on here. All without a picture. I have a cat as my profile picture! I don't really have any self image issues, I don't really think about it. I've always preferred words and actions to how someone looks. Thanks for understanding. Your comment was well thought out and well written.

*Tips dusty hat* thank you kind sir

Not at all ma'am! Have a nice day!