Love Being Naked

I seldom wear clothes at home, or very little.
Anytime my sister comes to visit, we both get nude (nothing sexual).
I am also often nude with my girl pal Kristy, again nothing sexual (yet).
My BF loves me being nude when I am with him, and I enjoy seeing all of him.

meadow1992 meadow1992
18-21, F
7 Responses May 11, 2012

Good for you. Be comfortable . I am naked as often as possible.

That is wonderful that your are that comfortable with your body. Glad you sister is too. It is so sad that so many thing nudity or the nude body is a bad thing. I think the human body is to be viewed and enjoyed with out all the external trappings we put on it. Thanks for writing.

if you came to visit me would you be willing to get nude?? i know you would not but i love thinking there might be a woman out there that would be willing to get nude for me. i am a 55 old man with c.p. i want no sex i only want to see bodys.

Me too... enjoy.

I love being nude as well, it feels so good. I feel so free when I am.

Can't wait to be invited over to visit...;) Feel free to ask your sister or Kristy to come over

LOL I bet so...

Do you sleep nude?<br />
I grew up in a family that nudity sacrilegious. So I went total opposite when I moved out. Now, I sleep nude, I wake up and work out nude in the ba<x>sement, lift weights and cardio. I will work out in the back yard nude, clean the pool. My wife will eventually come out with my speedo or undies to put on. My wife does not approve of my nudity, especially when she sees the next door neighbor out on her deck watching me. LOL. But, once you start being nude doing everyday activities that you used to do dressed, it then feels where when you have to do them dressed.

I always sleep nude, can't stand wearing anything in bed