How Odd It Is To Wear Clothes

I was 12, when I went to a weekend camping trip with a friend and her family to a naturist resort, with the permission of my parents of course. I went with them rather often afterwards and the only time I felt odd was when I put my clothes back on. Somehow they just didn't seem to belong there. I began sleeping in the nude and I did a few other things nude. Mom put an end to that eventually and blamed me for embarrassing (what I thought back then) my idiot brother by making him having a reaction to seeing me nude.
When we were stationed in Germany and I had a boyfriend we went to a quarry, where I was nude actually all of the time.
I always had this thought that when I checked on me in the mirror in the evening, whatever other people saw of me - it was still there. So, nothing to worry about.
It wasn't until I moved into a dorm in Frankfurt, Germany as a freshman of an American University for military dependents. My roommate enjoyed being nude as much as I did. Once I moved back to the US, especially to a dorm of that university things changed drastically. I am surprised they did not make us wear clothes taking showers. I transferred to USC Berkley. I was allowed to be me again, somewhat.
I met my present partner in crime, Master John. At first I wasn't so sure what to make of it. He insisted that I never wear clothes.
Obviously, there is a reality and even he conceded to that.
Today I am living. I have literally no clothes to my name. There is a shed with clothes bought for me to wear, if the occasion so demands.
It was Nikos Kazantzakis who said:'I have nothing, I need nothing, I am free."
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Lucky you.