My Friend Called Me To Come Over And I Walked Over Naked.

My friend called me over to help her make my cake that she has trouble baking. If you guys don't know me, my family is always nude at home, no matter what. My daughter's friend family has gone 100% nude too and we hang out alot now. About last week or so, I'd started to drive nude any chance I can now. But yesterday, my daughter's best friend, which is my best friend now, called me and I was outside in my garden. They live about a half a mile away. We leave in a very quiet part of town. We are lucky to see 3-4 cars pass a day on the road. I was 100% in my garden and my cell phone near by. I'd dared myself to do something out of my norm. I'd walked out to the street and waited to see if it was busy. I didn't hear a car all day yet. So I walked on the grass and headed to my friend's house. If a car was coming, I can duck in the woods, that the street cuts into. I'd walked up to her door and she answers. She stood there naked with flour on her. She'd looked around and asked where was my car. I'd said I'd walked over here and I was feeling alittle daring today. She laughed and said that I was so tight up before and now I'm looser than her with our nudity. We baked the cake in time before dinner. I'd looked up to see what time it was and I'd reliezed that our daughters will come soon. Also, some cars pass by during this time. I thought I would be home by now or Kim can drop me home. Her daughter came home, rushed upstairs and come back down nude. She said that she is on the phone with her and wanted to talk to me. My daughter wanted to know where I was. The car and my house keys were there and the back door was unlocked. I'd told her I was ok and was at her friend's house. She asked me how did I get there. I'd paused and remembered that I told my daughter not to walk over here nude and I went and did that thing I'd told her not to do. So I'd told her I'd walked over here. She said that she know I wasn't wearing nothing at all because her and I hate wearing clothes and won't unless we really have too. I'd told her I would be home soon and Kim can drive me. About 6 pm, there was a knock on the door, Kim answered it and there stood my daughter, unclothed. I couldn't say anything but shook my head. We'd stayed for dinner, since my daughter wanted to visit. We left about 9. My daughter was saying that she loves walking and we should walk home. It was dark so I'd agreed. We took our time. After we got home, I told her I was wrong for walking and we need to drive so no one could see us. She'd promise not to walk again.
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I couldn't sleep. So I texted Kim and she was still up at 3am. I walked outside and walked to her house. I'd put on flip flops this time. I'd down the middle of the street to her house. She came out and we walked up and down the street and 2miles. No cars every come down until 6. We talked about ou familes. Yes she only had tennis shoes on.

I'd stopped walking over there. I'll drive now.

Goof for you for daring to push the limits. It doesn't hurt to get seen naked. Just walk there naked and don't hide if a car comes. Carpe Diem!

Lovely story - you are so bold, take care though!

I would love to do this but as a man and in a dense suburban area I would 90% sure be arrested so I can only daydream about it.

Many Thanks for a great story