I Like Being Clothes Free......

When my 1st wife and I broke up after being together for 18 years, I decided I was going to live life my way, not hers. Since we had decided I would have our son for the summer for the first few years, I would be living alone for 9 months a year, and this allowed me to get comfy with myself and live like I wanted to. I became an at-home nudist, and then I started going to the skinny-dipping swimming holes around town, getting comfortable being nude in social situations.
Here it is 15 years later, and another failed marriage down the drain, but my 2nd wife was a bit more tolerant of my nudity - she couldn't handle it for herself, but she never minded my being nude as a rule when we were alone at home.
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1 Response Sep 18, 2012

It is so important to life your life as you want to. I found myself in a similar situation to yourself, in my case separting from my wife in my mid-forties. I decided to visit nude beaches again; something we did together only a couple of times. I loved it and she didn't. I am a smooth nudist, shaving off my body hair including completely removing my pubic hair. At the nude beach this was not problem, most of the men are the same. I initially felt a little self-concious when naked with my buddies I play sports with, but following a few jokey comments everything settled down and I'm totaly comfortable with it now. To be honest I love when strangers check me out in the locker room; it is very homoerotic when I catch someone staring.
Anyway, the point is that it is your life, live it your way!