Not Ashamed Just Out Of Element

I LOVE to walk around naked. When I'm in my own home I am naked the minute I walk in the door,  off come the clothes!  I eat, sleep and even cook that way. There is a long T-Shirt or pair of shorts within reach in case unexpected company comes by (Not that I haven't taken advantage to "Accidentally" answer the door, forgetting I wasn't clothed, at times.)

But recently, I have found myself in a situation where I can not be "comfortable" in my own skin. I am out of state working on a project with my brother and so I am staying in his home.  It wasn't financially  ideal to rent a space, since I am still holding my place out of state.  

He has two children and of course his wife. I don't think it would appropriate to be nude around his house when they are home so I feel stifled daily.

I look forward to the days they ALL go out,  sometimes they do weekends away. I am used to being alone at home so not only is the quite welcome but  I also get to ***** off.  

I don't have my car here and I don't really know anyone.  These two facts compound my feelings of being trapped.  It is difficult for me to get away on my own. AHHHH I want to jump out of my clothes and just run around!!!

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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Have you ever spoken to your brother and his family about nudity at home? Suppose they may like the idea?