Helping A Friend With Social Nudity

It has been nearly twenty years since my first nudist experience in a social setting. (nudist resort)  Now I am very comfortable being nude even if those around me are not.  Nothing sacred has ever disappeared just because someone else saw my "private parts"!

I am trying to recall the process of becomming comfortable.  Since it has been so long, I only remember the sunny day that it happened and that my pulse rate was elevated.

 I may soon have the opportunity to introduce a "female friend" to the nudist lifestyle.  I want to be as helpful as I can and at the same time not be over protective.  I will only get one shot at this!

I would appreciate anyone's constructive comments or even your story about the first experience at a resort.  Thank you ahead of time for your comments. 
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Would it be possible for you to invite her to a nude gathering, where she could be with your nudist friends, but not remove her clothes. Just as you decided for yourself, she will have to make her own decision. I don't think it's a one shot deal. I think it would be better to ease her into it, if that is possible. Does she know and like your nudist friends?
Maybe she could attend a clothing optional party of your friends, who she likes to be with. If she enjoys the friends, she may feel like she could try it. It probably going to be tougher than when she was a teenager. I am guessing that the nudist acceptance and support, plays a big part of the reward for being nudist. Frankly, she may question whether or not she will receive that kind of support, after covering up for her whole life. These are all guesses, good luck,