******** And Comfortably Nude

        One weekend a group of about 14 friends traveled to one of our friend's parents lake house.  The site was beautiful sitting on the water with a dock, swimming raft, a couple of wooded acres, small lake house, and privacy.  The party was about to begin. We were all accustomed  to hanging out nude since we always used to go skinny dipping together.  As the night progressed, we played drinking games which led to various states of undress for most.  We then decided to go skinny dipping in the lake.  Since I was down to my shorts already, I pulled them of and left them in the house as we all ran down to the lake.  A couple of the girls did as I did and ran with me naked.  We dove in the water and splashed around as we waited and watched the others ***** on the dock and jump in.  Articles of clothing were all over the place.  We all had a great time.

     When I got out of the water, I laid down on the dock with a couple of more shy friends who were not naked.  We waited for the others to come out of the water and then some got dressed as we all walked up the hill to the cabin.  Once we were all inside, I was still naked and looking for my shorts which I never found.  I suspect they were hidden.  The rest of my clothes were wet from the days activities and I had nothing dry to put on.  I found a towel eventually and wrapped it around my waste.  Most of us were in underwear, bathing suites, a few dressed, and me in a towel.  Suddenly a huge water fight broke out in the cabin.  Everyone was getting wet and grabbing and holding one another in play.  It was great fun.  Suddenly, I felt someone tug my towel off my waist exposing me as I pulled on one corner to keep it from being taken from me.  I was in a wet naked tug of war for the towel and loosing as the girls kept squirting me with water and a few guys tried to subdue me and wrestle the towel away.  It was no use as I was now sprawled out on the floor with one guy holding my leg, two girls holding my arms, and my towel torn away.  At that moment, I felt quite vulnerable as I was spread eagle naked on the floor and fully exposed for all to see everything.  My struggling just made matters worse as my penis and balls bounced around and eventually I was totally erect.

     I really didn't mind being naked and was having fun.  I semi broke free from my captures and tried to take cover in the bathroom.  As I struggled towards the door, someone figured out my plan and closed the door.  Two girls tried to hold onto me as I tried to escape to the girls bunk room.  I was wet and slippery so they had a hard time subduing me.  I now tried grabbing them but they were also hard to hold onto since they were also wet, slippery, and didn't have much on.   One had a bra and panties on and the other just had panties on.  I grabbed the smaller topless girl and picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and headed for the bunk room as the other girl latched onto my leg.  I know I was very excited at this time and my penis was like a poker as it bumped into bare skin as others continued the chaotic assault.  I could at some points even feel hands on me but could't see as I struggled with the girl over my shoulder.  I made it into the bunk room and slammed the door closed and leaned against it in exhaustion as I released my topless beauty.  Much to my surprise we were not alone.  I found myself now locked in the room with my topless girl, my bra and panty girl, and the two fully clothed shy girls from the dock.  I didn't care that I was naked with them.  As I sat down on the floor leaning against the wall,  I now realized that this was great.  I had gone flacid but then began to grow hard again as my topless beauty came over and sat next to me and watched me grow rock hard.  As everyone stared at my naked body which they all had seen before, it seemed as if they were mesmerized. Enjoying the moment, I boldly invited the rest of them to come closer for a better look as I lay down flat and my full erection pointed to the ceiling.  They looked and examined me and touched my body all over for a few minutes.  It felt so good having all those hands all over my bare skin.  We giggled and talked about my penis and balls for a while as I let them experiment a little.  After a while, one of the girls said we should open the door and go back to the main room.  I got up with them and returned to the main room still fully naked with no desire to put anything on.  The game was now done and we sat around drinking and talking.  A few times a couple of the guys offered me a towel to cover up and I refused. I just told them to join me which never happened.  I guess they liked their wet underwear which was practically see through by now.  The girls loved my nakedness as I enjoyed a few who were topless.  Although it was not planned, I enjoyed being fully nude amongst my friends and would do it again.
jamnatr jamnatr
41-45, M
Jan 10, 2013