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I have a body. It is a female body. I have breasts with which I shall at some stage in my life feed my babies. I have less musculature to the men I know, and have seen, in my life. This is normal. I have less body hair to them. My legs are thin and shapely, and they join together to my body at a point which is essentially the focus of my being, my physical being, since I will be impregnanted and give birth to those babies.

I am happy with my body. My breasts aren't too big or heavy, I jiggle but I don't bounce so noticeably. The gentle slope down my body from my ribcage torso towards my groin is hairless, where with a man there would be ripples of muscle planted with very masculine hair. The arrival at my groin would be marked simply with a thin band of pubic hair.

I have a pretty vulva (I have been told), with a definitive clitoral hood, and fairly thick outer labia, which give way to my inner labia, 'petals of a flower', which I keep naked of that pubic hair for the sake of attraction.

I have been seen naked and nude by friends and their parents' a number of times. It is not something you should overly worry about, because your body is just a small part of you!
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It is great that you accept yourself just the way you are.

Glad you are comfortable. Bodies are not "special" or "shameful." Let only those without bodies criticize those who have one. Carpe Diem!