A Visit To My Home.

The backstory:
After High School, I lived with a friend, Dave. He knew I liked to be nude and respected my privacy since he didn't want to see me naked even though I really wouldn't care. I would keep the door closed and he know to knock.

One day, his 4 year old son, Jake, came my room after his bath wrapped only in a towel. Out of respect, I put on a pair of shorts. Dave said he could play games for a coule of hours until bed time. He brought me his PJ's but I didn't make him put them on immediately. Eventually, just from normal moving around, his towel fell off and he made no attempt to re-wrap himself. He didn't care, and neither did I.

Dave came in my room and said nothing about Jake being naked. He just told him that he needed to be dressed for bed in an hour. I tried to dress him several times but he wouldn't have it. Jake insisted on staying nude until his father came in an hour later and made him get dressed for bed.

This became a nightly ritual. Jake would come into my room to play a game with or watch a movie with me after his bath. After a while, he would just lose the towel as soon as he entered my room, and eventually, he would just leave the towel in the bathroom.

One day, we were all swimming. When we got out of the pool, Dave told Jake to take his swimsuit off, dry off, and leave the swimsuit on the patio to dry. This seemed like a good idea, so I did the same. We both ********, and I dried Jake off, then wrapped him in the towel, but he immediately took it off. I dried off and we went to my room to watch a movie. I didn't bother getting dressed. We sat there and watched the movie. Halfway through the movie, dave came in and saw we were both still naked. He didn't seem to care.

Since we went swimming, Dave didn't feel the need to give Jake a bath. Dave just let him stay nude. After the movie, we played his favorite video game and eventually, Dave came in with Jake's PJ's, and as usual Jake refused to get dressed, but this time was different. He said he never wanted to wear the PJ's again. There was little arguing with a 5 year old, but Dave tried, and eventually relented. Jake was becoming a home nudist. Eventually, every pair of swimming trunks Jake had kept appearing with mysterious damage that made them unusable so he'd have to swim without them.

The Main Story:
4 years later, I've been moved out of Dave's house to Orlando to go to College, I got married and have 2 stepchildren, all of us are nudists as detailed in other stories.

One summer week, My wife took the kids and went to he mother's house for a visit. I went down to Dave's. Jake is now 9 years old and dressed because his cousin, Pamela who was 10, was staying with them as well. Dave hinted that it would be nice to have a break from the kids, I suggested, since we were only about 200 miles from my house in Orlando, why not let me take them to Disney tomorrow? Dave agreed.

The next morning, I put Jake and Pam in my car, and we made the trip to a theme park. We got there right at 9:00 and there was no lines to get in. We were there for about a half hour when a storm rolled in. The park was nice enough to make the tickets valid for a later visit, we got back in my car and went to my house.

Well, it stormed all day and we didn't get to go back. I called Dave and suggested we try again tomorrow. Once again, he agreed. Jake and Pam played in my house all day and managed to get their clothes really dirty playing with my kids finger-paints.

I told the kids, it's time for a bath. I gave them both clean towels and told them both to go take off their clothes and put them in the washing machine so I can have them clean for the next day then go take a bath. Jake went first, he came out of the bathroom as Pam was wrapped in a towel to go take her bath.

Not too much to my surprise, Jake threw his towel in the washer and came back nude. When Pam came out from her bath, she got a nice surprise. She asked Jake why he was naked and Jake told her that he doesn't have to wear anything after his bath. She looked at me and asked me if this was true and I nodded.

Pam went running out of the room wrapped in her towel. A minute later, she came back naked saying she always wanted to go nude and she put her towel in the washer. She then asked if I was going to go nude too? I asked her if she would have a problem with that? She emphatically replied 'No'.

I put on a movie for them, then went for my shower, then came out naked. Instead of watching the movie, the kids asked me about my family and if they go nude too, and I said yes, then explained to them the way my family lives, including how my kids like to ride in the car naked, going to naked beaches & resorts, and I lost track of what I was doing. Since they wanted to sleep naked, it didn't cross my mind until the next morning that I forgot to start the washer.

The kids were anxious to go to the theme park, so we ate a quick meal, then I dressed them in one of my T-Shirts and we went to a big-box store to do some quick clothes shopping since my kid's clothes wouldn't fit them. Jake chose a shirt and shorts featuring his favorite cartoon characters and Pam, a sundress. She said she never had a sundress before and she want to try one out.

I paid for the clothes and we went to my car (I have an SUV with tinted windows), Jake and Pam, feeling daring, like my kids, whipped off the t-shirts and buckled in naked. I drive the short distance to the theme park and found a parking spot.

I took the clothes out of the bag, removed the tags and handed them to the kids. They got dressed and I asked Pam if she had a problem wearing a dress without underwear? She said she liked the feeling, so I told her to make sure no one saw that she wasn't wearing panties.

The rest of the day went very well and the kids had fun. We left the park long after the sun set and I decided, the kids were going to stay with me another night. We went back to the car, and once again like my kids, they both ******** down then buckled themselves in. Since it was nighttime, I did the same and made the short trip home.

When we got back to my house, I ran a bath for the kids and the decided to bathe together while I went and took a shower. When we all got out, I took all the clothes and towels and put them in the washing machine and this time, turned it on.

About 10:00 the next morning, My wife got home with my kids and everyone decided they wanted to go swimming, so Jake and Pam ended up spending the day skinny-dipping and playing naked with my naked kids, and once again, Jake and Pam spent another night at my house.

The next morning, after everyone had their breakfast, I told Jake and pam to gather their stuff and get ready to go home. My wife and kids decided they wanted to go with to see Dave. Jake and Pam came out with the clothes they came with and the clothes I bought them, but hadn't put any of it on. They said they wanted to ride naked again.

My kids came out carrying their clothes, my daughter, a sundress, and my son, shorts and a t-shirt. My wife put on a sundress and I went and put on shorts and a t-shirt. The kids all climbed in the car and strapped themselves in naked as usual, and we made the 200-mile trip back to Daves.

Just like at my house, the kids didn't bother getting dressed, to Daves surprise, and the kids played and swam all day naked. At about 8:00, I gathered my kids and we made the trip back to Orlando, and of course, since it was dark, everyone in the car was naked, including my wife and I.

Overall, it was a good, wholesome couple of days. There was a lot of fun, comfort, and for Pam, discovery. Everyone had a great time and no-one had a single complaint. Dave was happy to hear from Jake and Pam about their nude adventures.
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Its good that you kids found these nude friends I hope you got with them for more good nude play time?

Almost a daily occurrence except with kids in the neighborhood.

I am always naked when my nephew (14-read other of my stories) is around. He often stays at my house because he lives with his grandparents and apparently they get boring, so most of the time we watch movies naked together.

For a 14 year old he's got some hairy c o c k!!!!

am not rite nw because i perhaps am no more slim and attractive bt i have started dieting again and without much effort lost 2 kgs in one week may be more need to check. i wish tht wen i slim down n be confident of my body again , i may feel better when going to beaches. but when i did diet for the first time and lost 16 kgs in 3 months , even at tht time i didnt feel comfortable when nude. can u help by telling hw not to be shy in the future?

For me, the easiest way is to stop caring! Your body is your body. It doesn't matter what it's weight, shape, and size. I'm not saying to stop dieting or attempting to lose weight, but try to be less self conscious. Stop caring what other people care about how you look. You don't need someone else's validation to be comfortable. Start in your home. ***** down and relax and go from there.

do you really feel more comfortable when you are nude? i mean when can you do lots of movement better and do you feel it has improved your body language also?

I noticed from reading all of your stories (thanks for sharing) they seem to have actually taken place over a few years. Seems like you had three different living situations; living with the German lady, living in Miami, and living in Orlando.

The only German lady I lived with was my mother, part German that is. But I lived in Miami, Pembroke Pines, and currently the Orlando area.

Good story. We often hear up-tight adults demanding that we wear clothes "for the children" or to prevent fictional harm to children. But the truth is always that children don't care about seeing human bodies. It is lying adults blaming their own shame and insecurity on "the children." Kids would rather go naked until and unless adults teach them to be ashamed of their bodies. "For the children" is always a lie.

Exactly! Pam had never been aloud to go naked at home let alone sleep nude, but this shows that given the 1st chance, she would happily shed her clothing and happily stay that way the rest of her life.

"For the children" is what those with hidden agendas always tell the public make their case. Unfortunately, too many people fall for it.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who would have liked to have parents without the nudity hang-ups. For me, it was my mother concerned about "modesty." I have come to believe my dad would have liked trying nudism. We never talked about it, but the two of us were nude together a lot, especially if it was part of sleeping and getting cleaned up.