Most Of The Time...

I'm usually comfortable with mathematical equations, although there are those occasional awkward moments when e starts freaking out and yelling wildly about nothing in particular. I hate when numbers act so irrationally.
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5 Responses May 26, 2010

ha! just got your joke =)

Careful Krysta. If you kill math it will just come back and haunt you as imaginary numbers....woooooo! Spooky!

DEATH TO MATH- that is all!

I think you need to rekindle your relationship with math. Dim the lights, pour some wine, slip into something comfortable and play with Fourier equations all night long! Lol!<br />
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I'm a dork...

I umm well when I was a kid I loved math, my dad was a math teacher, after he passed away I CANNOT DO THE SIMPLEST MATH PROBLEMS... I remember sitting down in a math class and crying because I couldn't solve the problems BUT I knew how to do it I just couldn't solve it if that makes sense, hence, ever since then math and I do not get along =[