I Haven't Always Been

Since my earliest years I've been transgendered and bisexual almost as long. The bisexual part didn't really make me uncomfortable because I knew there were lots of boys with the same thoughts so I knew I wasn't alone.
But my girl side was always a source of conflict. I really wanted to be a girl, wear makeup and girls clothes, but the was no one else like me in that way. I did it anyway because I had to but it was always a part of me that I felt I had to keep deeply hidden, even more so than my bisexuality because at least with that there were a few other boys I could talk to about it.
It wasn't until the Internet really came out that I realized I wasn't the only one and shortly after that I made it a priority in my life to meet other TG's.
I still and to keep it hidden from my wife and that was a source of angst, but not long after she found out and we came to an arrangement, and I started living a fairly large part of my life as a woman. And over time I became very comfortable with myself, both the sexual and especially the gender stuff.
And at th point in my life I am very comfortable being me.
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Sep 15, 2012