How Odd To Finally Be Able To Say This

I've been self conscious most of my life. Sure, there's things I still am that way about.

But I'm proud of myself for making such huge strides towards seeing my body in a positive light!

The biggest thing that helped me accept my body was getting naked in front of other people. I stayed at a commune for a few months last summer where nudity is just a natural, everday thing. People frolick around the woods naked, and everyone gathers in the sauna on the weekends and cold days and has no qualms about it. It was something I didn't put much thought into. I went to the sauna, and saw all the different kinds of bodies. Fat ones, hairy ones, scronny ones, freckly ones, small dongs, big dongs, dainty breasts, voluptuous breasts, soft tummies and hard tummies. And NO ONE was caring or judging each other. As soon as I realized that no one but me was concerned about my body, I ******** down. And basically in that moment I was freed of my body hate.

Also, getting into feminism helped a lot. Sharing photos of myself online, and doing sex work for a brief period. Now I feel like a goddess. There is no reason to hate my body at all. And I really think that if more people just get naked in front of each other.. take of the "mask" that is our clothing and just see what real, unphotoshopped bodies really look like.... we might just get over this overvaluing of bodily "perfection" and hating ourselves for not attaining ridiculous standards of what kind of body is acceptable and "beautiful". We're already perfect, contrary to what the magazines and television commercials tell us.
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Wow, what a great experience, and a great outcome! Everyone should be able to be comfortable with their own body!

Happy to see you have "found" your body.