I Want To Thank You Even Though You Said I Wasnt Ready...

You made me a woman. You were my first. You were established..an artist, well known. I was your son's friend but we had a connection. You were everything I admired and more, sophisticated, worldly, knowledgeable. We spent the night together, dining and drinking. We made love but you we scared, scared you had opened something that would never could be closed. The next morning you kissed me deeply and touched me everywhere but you left with promises. You said you were possessed and I believed you. I saw you were scared of the repercussions, your estranged wife. But we were more, we treasured each other...it is sad we let things get in the way of our desires because it was unforgettable. I just hope I am still all I was to you....
feistypepper feistypepper
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

all the relationships i've had,i felt a scence of lost,but i try to think of all the good things,fun things we did,and try to forget the bad things.the good things always seem to out weigh the bad,and i wonder why we let stuff get between us.I'm sure we said it would never happen.Well on to the next they always make it better.

or worse...but yeah its always nice to start over fresh again. Although this guy I never got over. our relationship was beautiful from the beginning to the end. Well, we never really got to end it....I use to bump into him over the years and we still felt the same for each other. Its been two years since I last saw him. There is nothing I regret about our time together.