Better Than Golf??

   My husband and 3 friends were coming home from playing golf. He called to let me know they were coming over to hang out, and did I mind. I told him, "Of course not." I asked if they would be there for dinner. He didn't know, but if so, we'd figure something out. I really don't know the guys he golfed with that well. I told him I'd straighten up the screened porch so they could hang out there. There is a table and chairs, music, and a small fridge. We can walk out our sliding glass doors from our bedroom, or from the glass doors from the kitchen to get to the porch. The table sits right outside the bedroom sliding doors. About 3 feet left of the bedroom doors is the window from the shower in our bathroom. We have vertical blinds for the glass doors..<just wanted to paint the picture for you>
     When they got to the house, my husband introduced them. They were all sunburned, and pretty good looking. I had just gotten home from having a late lunch with my girlfriend Tina. My husband looked and said, "Wow, you look fantastic.". I had on black shorts, and a black top. You can see through the top, but it has a few layers that cover my breasts. 1 problem. lifting my arms give a side view I wasn't aware of until this picture was taken.
     The guys went through the kitchen to the porch. My husband took 4 beers from the fridge and lifted the ruffles on the blouse so he could see my boobs. He went outside, and they all were sitting at the table. I brought out a tray of cheese and crackers, and when I reached over to put the tray in the center of the table, they all froze and stopped talking. After going back in the house, I looked in the mirror, reached out, and thought "hmmmm". I got my glass of wine from the kitchen, and put potato chips in a bowl to give them more to eat.   I reached to place the chips on the table, but I had to move the tray over a little so they all could reach the chips. I was between 2 of the guys, and when I leaned over the table and reached out, I looked up at my husband. He mouthed, "I Love You", and said "whew!" As I stood up straight, I glanced and saw the one guys eyes glued to my chest. My hubby LOVES     when I do that. We have hanging plants out there, and they needed to be watered.   I was able to peek under my arms when I reached up to water the plants. They were trying so hard to look without seeming obvious. After taking care of the 6 plants, I went to the kitchen to refill my wine. My husband came in and told me to feel his crotch. Laughing, I grabbed him and said, "Wow, what do we have here?" He said,"please don't stop." He told me that he was going to talk them into going out to eat, and for me to wear the dress he bought that I wore to his awards banquet. I was already pretty horny and would love the attention from 4 hot men. He went in the bedroom, leaving the lights off so they couldn't see in the bedroom doors. The verticals were not closed tightly, and with the right angle, you'd be able to see in. He put my dress on the bed, came to me in the kitchen and grabbed my ***. He went back outside, and I went in the bedroom. I put the light on over the vanity mirror and the sink. I could see the porch through the mirror slightly, and knew with the light on and being dark out there, they could probably see more than I thought. I was getting really excited knowing all 4 of them would be, "accidentally" watching me get ready. To get an idea, I walked back out through the kitchen to the porch so I could see the view in the bedroom. I asked them if we were going out for dinner, and they all said yes. I told them to give me 15 minutes to get ready. I wanted to make it better, so when I went in the bedroom, I opened the verticals and slid the glass door. I stood and asked them if we could go to this very nice restaurant. They said, "good idea." I slid the door closed, and left the verticals cracked just a little more than they were. I walked to the mirror, and fussed with my hair. I could now see them at the table from the corner of my eye in the mirror. I was really getting hot and could feel myself getting wet. I unzipped my shorts, took them off, and stood there in black thongs and the sheer blouse. I grabbed the bottom of the shirt and pulled it up over my head. I threw it on the bed, and stood at the mirror topless. I walked in the closet where it was dark so I could see them. My husband had his back to me and 2 of the guys were sitting up looking directly through the blinds. I went back and stood at the counter under the light. I pulled down my thongs, stood up and started almost having an ******. 
    I stayed naked doing my make up, and hair, when my husband came in to tell me that the guys were going crazy, and could see everything. I told him that I was soaking wet and had a tiny ****** already. I told him to let's go so we could come home and ****. He went back out and told the guys I was almost ready. They probably already knew that since they watched me get ready.
     They were waiting in the living room when I came out of the bedroom wearing what my husband picked out, and bought.

    Thank God for double stick tape!!!   Unfortunately, it didn't keep the dress stuck to my breasts all night.

We did go home and have outstanding sex!!! 
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

wow i can see why the other men couldnt keep ttheir eyes off you -you have a fantastic pair of boobs and a very hot sexy *** with a beautiful pair opf legs - just amazing -thanks for sharing

ohhh.yummy..what a dress ..... <br />
omg....... you have such a great boobs, butts , legs.......... and everything see-through!!<br />
wish i was there and can get the chance to watch you<br />
;) :-P

The dress isn't see through. I just have to be careful when I move. Lol

ohh.. but i would definitely be heaven like feeling for the people who got the chance to watch u.........
u are really amazing!!