Lingerie Store Opening

Just to update you on our Naked Sushi/ Body Desserts thing me and Dee had going we were offered the opportunity to model at the opening of a lingerie/sex shop called Satin n Silk. One of the staff had been at the birthday party when we did the whole naked sushi thing and told the owners we were really cool and happy to be naked and on display. They asked us if we'd mind lying out in the store in front of everyone whilst they demonstrated various edible body paints, body chocolate, body candy and various other things on us. I was also told there would be models there in some of theis fashions, basically wandering about all night in lingerie, great I thought!

The event was on from 7-9 and we arrived just on time, There was this busty girl in a corset called Kelly who talked us through how the night was going to go, there was to be a fashion show on a makeshift catwalk showing off some of their range, then they'd like us to lie out while they demonstrated all the paint/food products, then there'd be a burlesque show at the end. They said we'd only need to do about 20 minutes or so so that seemed cool.

The fashion show was great, the models were all stunning and some of the outfits, whoa!!! Then it was our turn, we went back of shop to put robes on then waited on our cue and came out into the store, 2 of the staff had everything set up and basically just ushered us up onto the tables, robes off, lay down and get started. I couldn't beleive how claustrophobic it seemed, there was a little bit of a stage (more a rasied area) but everyone was all just mingled around our naked bodies. The 2 girls started out their demonstrations and it was amazing. It felt so sexy as they applied the paint over my chest and thighs, then dotted various bits of candy around me. They took their time and encourage the audience to participate, I lay there the whole time on the verge of a semi but managed to restrain myself from getting a hard on, or worse!

TI only seemed to take about 15 minutes and to be honest I was a little disappointed when it was over, it was all quite tasteful and no one had seemed to make a big deal of the fact we were naked. We put our robes on and went back to get cleaned up, coming back out just in time for the burlesque show. this is where things got good!

After a couple of acts we were told a couple of performers couldn't make it and they thought it would be cool idea to get me n Dee an some of the lingerie models up on stage to have a body decorating competition, why not we said. They paird us off with 2 of the models each and me and Dee took our positions on the tables. This turned out to be just about the most erotic thing I've ever experienced, both the models who worked on me were amazing looking and both wearing stockings and suspenders and high heels. They were also pretty damn horny and giggled all the way through, they obviously loved the idea of having a naked man to play with, I had to keep reminding myself this was a public place, a shop opening and not a real cfnm party, I knew they weren't gonna start sucking me off or anything, plus my girlfriend Dee was lying just 3 feet away from me so she'd never have stood for it in any case.

The 2 girls drizzled my upper body with all sorts of candy, chocolate and jello before spreading my legs to work with a bit more detail on my penis and balls. They used the edible body paint to decorate me which felt awesome, I could feel the stirrings begin and was sure I was about to pop an erection, I think they noticed it happening too and continued to giggle as they used brushes to dab at my penis with edible glitter, I could sense my member getting thincker by the second, thought for sure I would end up shooting a load all over them, I tried my best to contain myself but it was so difficult, they had even started blowing at me for some reason which the audience of the shop seemed to find hilarious. Thankfully enough was enough and the competition was ended with us being declared the winners. I stood up off the table and hugged at the 2 models who in turn groped at my ***, the feeling of their silky lingerie against my naked penis was out of this world and I'm pretty sure I stuck to one of them a bit as she pulled away! no one seemed to notice though.

There were a few pro shots done and a lot of folk had phones out so I've been sent some of the photos, looks amazing, have added them into my profile and will add more as I get them. We've also got ourselves a bodypainting gig for next week so sill keep you all updated.
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would love to do this as well, never considered volenteering for edible body paint options. May have to convince the wife to host a toy party and volenteer in this capacity.

That sounds like another really great time.