Showering In The Gym Lockerroom Before Work

I often go to the gym before work now.  It isn't worth the extra 30 minutes it would take me to travel back home and then try to get ready, so I just shower and get ready for work at the gym.  For the first week or so I was a tad modest, and would remain wrapped in my towel as I got ready until I put clothes on.  The lockerroom was never packed but there was always a good 7-10 other girls in and out, most of which doing exactly what I was doing; showering and getting ready for work.  By the end of the first week of me starting this routine that a bunch of us were in there after a group spin class and one woman in her mid 30's and in pretty decent shape, struck up a conversation with me while butt naked right before she got into the shower. Im not one to gawk at other naked women, but she definitely caught your attention.  We finished our showers around the same time and I actually felt more awkward toweling up as she continued to openly stand there naked.   From that point on I basically said, screw it, why not.   I made no effort to keep my towel on me and instead proceeded to the mirrors to blow dry my hair completely naked.  I was slightly modest over the fact I had been lazy not shaven myself down below in probably a month giving me an little bit of a bush, as this woman stood there fully shaven.  (It just struck me as humorously odd that the girl in her young 20's was the one with the bush while the mom in her 30's was fully shaven)    Anyway, I became surprised to find out how relaxed the women there were about being naked as others would pass back and forth fully nude, of all body shapes too.  The fat women did not care, the older women did not seem to care and the 30-40 year old crowd of fit moms seemed to be the ones that meandered around fully naked the most.  There is even a woman in there who is obviously a professional body builder, or at least she looks like it, that looks like she has a tiny penis because her **** is so large you cant help but to look at it.
  It's been several weeks now and I do not even think it anymore, I just get ready naked in there and thats it.    Most of the women in there probably wouldn't recognize me with my clothes on anymore, their only contact with me is when I'm naked, lol!
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The place I worked had a fitness center with exercise equipment and a nice locker room arrangement. For a couple years I went there every morning at about 10 AM for a half hour workout, and then enjoyed a nice shower before going back to work. <br />
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Then one day they hired a female janitorial person. The locker room was officially closed from 10 to 11 so that she could do her work without seeing any of the men changing clothes or taking showers. I wrote a complaint letter. Their "affirmative action" policy put them out of business, effectively, during the time I had available. It dod no good. They remained closed. I have no problem if they want to hire a female janitor, but that's no reason to close the locker room. If she doesn't want to see naked men, she should not take a job cleaning the men's locker room. It was just rediculous.

Great story, in the locker room most are excitable to what everyone else is doing. Glad you are comfortable with it. It make getting ready more relaxing. :)

Sound fun and I think you find it highly erotic too... thanks for sharing...<br />
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"Anyway, I became surprised to find out how relaxed the women there were about being naked as others would pass back and forth fully nude, of all body shapes too"<br />
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I believe nudity in a locker room only becomes a "problem" when people a) start mocking other peoples body shape or b) are offended by nudity. When everybody else wears a towel, you wear a towel too but when everyone else is naked and okay with it, there's no reason why you shouldn't get naked too and just 'do your stuff' - shower, get changed and get ready to go to work

mmmm wish i could see inside thatlocker room while you are in there.