Comfortable As Clothed

I don't mind people seing me naked,the most of my friends have seen me naked.When they are at my house I'm naked,and sometimes,they ***** and join me in the nude.Not only boys,but girls as well.I have some female friends that they have a little more weigth than rhe usual but they get naked because they're comfortable.The first time somebody joined me in the nude was a girl,she started playing with her boobs,then she got closer to a friend of mine and said:be a man and be naked,and the others the same.Every girl in the room laughed and me too.Suddenly all girls *****(about 2 more girls)and joined me.Then one said,I don't know about you but I see a bunch of puss.I laughed even more.The hottest girl in the room started teasing the guys.They got naked in a blink of an eye.Nothing happened but we went skinny-dipping and had a lot of fun.
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Sep 6, 2012