Why Not

I have no problem with people seeing me naked. I have been seen naked many many times. I have no problem undressing in front of other people. Actually I rather like it.   

Showoff Showoff
41-45, F
7 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Like me or not, We`re all human. Does`nt bother me.

im sure id luv seeing u naked

One of my favorite activities is to visit coed spas in Europe. No one wears a stitch in the countries with a more liberal view of nudity. Would you / have you ever tried them?

You got it ShowOff ... it's not really about what anyone thinks, it's about how we feel as we appear in the nude.

I love being naked!!! :)

You are my type.When and where is your next attack?

Good for you! Being naked and being seen naked is fun and relaxing!