I was part way down my driveway to check the mail this afternoon, wearing only my hat and shades, when the FedEx truck pulls in. I turned around and walked back toward the parking area by the house, and arrived there in time for him to hand me the package. He didn't say anything about my lack of dress and tan lines. He just made some usual comment about having a nice day and went on his way.

So I put the package over by the door and watched him drive off. Then I walked the 600 feet or so down the curved drive and across the road to the mailbox. One more car passed down the road while I was coming down the hill within sight but about 250 feet from the road. Usually they are watching the road. No mail for me today.
DozerDan DozerDan
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****, why not? you're free

Now if you had been wearing stilettos, that would surely elicited a comment from Fedex driver! If I were to see that I would have you take me on your front lawn. So arousing to see a hot guy nude wearing heels!

They have to know they are going to experience alternative lifestyles