Company Retreat

A couple of years ago, my company held it annual 2 day retreat in January at a large lake north of Atlanta. This was for the senior staff and the top producers and the purpose was to plan the business strategies for the new year.

My wife joined me and after the days sessions, the entire group had dinner, then most of us gathered in the bar for drinks, dancing and companionship. My wife and I were having a great time and people kept buying us drinks. But we behaved the entire evening.

That is, until everyone started off to their rooms to rest and get ready for the next day.

There were two other people who were leaving at the same time as we were and my wife asked if they would like to go out to the hot tub for a while before bed. The lady said she would like to but that she had not brought a swim suit. So my wife said that she hadn't either and who wears a suit in a hot tub.

So Kim said ok, if we didn't mind, neither did she. We left her at her room, the gentleman at his and went to ours to get the robes and towels.

When we got back to Kims room, she let us in then went into the bathroom, still dressed. My wife joined her and convinced her that it was ok.

So off we went - all nude under the robes except for the other guy.

No one was embarrassed and nothing sexual happend. This opportunity has not presented itself again.

By the way, my wife and I did discuss this and she asked me what I thought of Kim's body, etc.

Maybe again soon.

georgiaboy georgiaboy
61-65, M
Mar 5, 2009