I Really Like It

I don't get the chance to go nude too often.  I often meet my hubby at the door wearing an apron.  It is really kind of stimulating for me.  I find nudity to be very erotic and sexual.  I like it when my hubby watches football in his birthday suit.  It gives me something to do during the game.

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I would love to see you nude please add me

Sounds like it would be a good idea fro your husband to bring a friend home with him so you could greet them both at the door nude.

Is your home not a place where you can practice nudity freely? Mine isn't. My wife and kids are very modest and not so tolerant of others (me) who want to practice their nude freedom. I do take advantage of every opportunity to get naked when I know I'll have the house to myself for more than a couple of hours.

I agree with the comment above that your husband is truly lucky.

oh how i would love to see you naked too.... please add me as a friend

Kuddos to u.

You are an awesome woman, and your husband is a very, VERY lucky man! I would LOVE to see your nude (or partially nude) body myself!

Debra you sound like an amazing lady and if you would like to have a retired Navy guy see you nude, or whatever you are wearing in your photos please make me a friend - and make my day. I love your<br />
story by the pool, you are totally hot lady!!

I can understand how your husband has to check the football results even of the game he was watching

Sounds tempting.

i can see how you could create a distraction.... i guess he misses alot of the game huh? keep on keepin on..... TP

Thank you polysex.

What an amazing lady you are! Taking the initiative to find new and exciting waysto tease, and please, you hubby! <br />
<br />
You posts are definitely on my wife's "must read" list :D<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing!

Thursday night I was in my hotel room browsing EP and watching the college football game. While I laid naked in bed, I thought of your husband watching the game while you stroked him off. Lucky bastard!

It must be a great chance to be your neighbour.

I am ready for that. It makes every Sunday BJ day. lol

Great news! Football season starts next month. Tell hubby to change the batteries in the remote and to shampoo the couch. It's almost time for naked football watching again.

No one, unless my next door neighbor. I think he saw me sunning in the buff.

Other than your hubby, who has seen you naked in the past month?

Sometimes Beaverman. lol

No hammerhead. I wear something very thin and sexy. I make sure to bend way over when he wants a beer. The rest of the time I am seeing what comes up. lol

Your husband is a very lucky man!

Your husband is a very lucky man!

I don't like to watch sports that much. I love to divert his attention.

Wishing I was at the beach again. My tan is fading from our last beach trip.