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Wilderness Camping

Several years ago my son, daughter and I belonged to a group that taught youth how to enjoy nature thru camping. It was a coed group so when we went camping there would have to be a male and female counselor along. We always made them hike at least ten miles to the camping area so you could only take what you could carry so most of us carried a tent that was so small that you could only fit your sleeping bag in it. In order to get in you had to undress outside of the tent then slide into your sleeping bag.

We went one weekend with six youths (three boys and three girls) so I was the male counselor and a Lori was the female. Lori was in her mid forties, going thru a bitter devorice, and was the kind of person that seemed to always be talking.

We got to the campsite and set up camp with the boys sitting their tents on one side and the girls on the other with Lori and me sitting ours in between about eight feet apart. As it got late and the kids all went to bed Lori and I sat by the fire and talked and soon decided we would also hit the sack. As we started to go to our tents I knew Lori would have to undress before she got in her tent so in order to give her a little privacy I said I was going to check the campsite while she got in bed.

It was a full moon so even though I was on the other side of the site I could see Lori undressing down to her bra and panties then get into her sleeping bag before I went to mine. As I removed my shoes, socks, and shirt Lori was laying there looking at me and still talking. As I placed them in my backpack that was hanging in a tree I was facing in her direction.

I hesitated a moment to see if she would close her eyes or look the other way before I unfastened my pants and pulled them down. She seemed just a little surprised that I was not wearing underwear as I was now standing there nude in front of her putting my pants in my backpack and took a little longer than usual securing the straps as she continued to look at my waist.

We never did talk about my being nude in front of her but over the next year or so every time she had any kind of problem at her house she would ask me to come by and look at it. 

hammerhead1949 hammerhead1949 61-65, M 3 Responses Mar 30, 2009

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Yes she did have a little smile as I was putting my pants in my backpack we talked for a few minutes. I found out several years later that she told my wife that is we ever seperate she would take me LOL. I don't know if Lori told my wife that she saw me nude or not ;-)

Next time act like you are not nude and talk with her. Was she smiling?

I need to get a smaller tent.