Why Should I Be Ashamed?

As a nude model for art classes I've spent alot of time being stared. People I know are often surprised to find out I do this, and I get asked all kinds of questions. The main questions I get are "were you nervous your first time," and "do you get erections?" The first time and really every time I model I'm really not to nervous about being nude, I'm more nervous about getting into  and keeping a good pose. Have I gotten erections while posing? I'm really not sure, I would say it's bound to have happened. Since I'm holding a pose and can't move to look, and it's not something I think about. If you're a sereous model and you're surrounded by sereous artists everyone there knows that there are some things you can't controll.

I live alone and rarely wear clothes at home, some people I know think this is strange. Why is it that it's so ingrained in our society that being naked is wrong that nudity is imorral, but it's okay to show death and dismemberment on TV and the front page of a newspaper?

eevlstreak eevlstreak
1 Response Feb 20, 2010

That is a very good question.