Roller Coaster Day

Well after being so depressed the last view days stressing over the fact I am really a girl and not a guy even though I got stuck with the body type. I know my parents will never accept me if I change but if I am going to maintain a stable mindset of who I am then I have no choice but to move forward. This morning I painted my toe nails a bright pink (hid with socks). I have decided I am going to let my hair grow long and talk to my doctor about possible hormone treatments. I may be 55 and old to some of you but I am far from dead and have to do what I feel inside me is the right thing to do.
I hope many of you will lend your support as I push forward with this decision. Its taken me 55 years some of them awful to face who and what I truly am. Thanks for reading :)
Angelansar2 Angelansar2
51-55, T
Jan 20, 2013