Out... Kind Of.. Maybe.. I Guess

Hello humans. :)

Well yesterday i came out to my cousin ( if you are following my story you know who ) . Lately i had being thinking about telling her but i was planning to tell her after she broke up with my friend but then i thought about it and i decided that it was better to tell her once and for all. I am not sure if it was the best thing to do but i did it anyways. She took it very well. KInd of. She cried but she even said she didnt kow why. The funniest part is that when i was about to tell her guess who showed up without being invited? yes. HIm my friend. I was like ooookay this is not the way i was planning for it to be. But i guess it did made it easier. Now thats why i say im out of the closet. Kind of. maybe. Because the most important people to me already know and i dont really care if others know. Is not every ones bussiness to know my sexuallity. Back to her. She said that there is nothing wrong. Cus i told her that i was ashamed and i knew it was wrong. She said she loves me that we are family. That made me feel alot better. ( no sarcasm ) So hopefully she is the last person i have to have '' the talk '' with. Now i do feel better. I know is not right what i feel but atleast i know that i am not lying to any one. Well kinda cus i didnt told her about my crush. But that doesnt matter because i love them both to death. N i wish them the best of happiness. And atleast i know she is going to take good care of him. 

so what do you guys think? am i out already? my family knows ( well not all but the important one ).. my friend knows.  N i know...

Here is the quote that made me decide to tell her.

" Live is too PRECIOUS to worry about STUPID ****, so have FUN, get DRUNK & fall in LOVE say what YOU want to say and do what YOU want to do REGRET NOTHINING && DON'T let people who don't matter BRING YOU DOWN "
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thank u vers... yeah its really diffucult thing to do... im not sure if u can say im completely out because is not like i go telling everyone about it... and i try not to talk about it to the ppl i already came out to... but i know wat i am. even if i have difficulty accepting it. <br />
<br />
i know one day everything will settle down. N i wish u the best of luck with watever decicions u take. don be afraid of being u is the most important thing.

hey scretg, it's nice to know that you've come a long way since your first post. You've come out to the people that matters to you. I guess it's not important whether the whole world knows what you really are as it is not everyone's business. You say it only when you feel you must and you are comfortable divulging your true self. I guess coming out is a gradual process. The steps you've taken are mountains of achievements compared to some of us. I applaud you for making it that far. Have a great life ahead of you!

Hmm, i'm glad that went well for the most part from what I can gather. <br />
It's been a while since you posted this, so I hope things have gotten better instead of worse!<br />
Best of luck!

Thank you. Yeah it went well. But just when i thought everything was going to be okay something happend. Ill tell you later thou.