Why Didn't I Do This Sooner!!!!!

Oh. my. giddy. giddy. aunt. I am offically out and it feels SO GOOD!! So heres the story, I was chillin with my teammates you know doin what we do best drinkin and having a good time. Before I went out I decided that you know what, I dont care what people think anymore. Its my life and I want to live it being who I am and I dont give a rats rectum for shallow close minded people!! I drank a little and was just playing the Wii (mario kart-oh yes, ballin' game!) and all the girls except me and another girl were gonna go to the bar. So everyone was in the living room getting ready to go and talkin away. Then I was like "hey, hey hey, hey", they all looked at me. "Im gay" and I said it with a huge smile on my face and omg their faces were priceless because I didnt even attempt to build up to it lol At first some thought I was joking but after a few seconds to think about it they decided to tackle me to the ground (which happens so many times when I hang out with them lol) Yeah, I got mosh pitted (if thats even a phrase lol) and they just kept sayin stuff like "oh we still love you lewey" an "so thats why you slap our ***** so much on the court" an all that crap lol They immediately accepted it and I feel so great! They of course give me **** sometimes because I am the only lez on the team, but hey, it doesnt bother me because I know they still respect me for me. I cant even explain how amazing it feels to know you're accepted by those who are really important to you (excluding family). Even after telling em I still have them as my team and second family which is awesome! The word spread like rapid fire because they asked if they could tell people they knew and I obviously dont give a F*** so I told em yes. Some were totally oblivious and my guy friends' reactions overall were probably the most hilarious thing ever lol they're just so convinced that Im either bi or messing with em because I dont "look gay" Guess I'll havta get a girl soon so they'll get off my nuts! lol Overall not really the whole school knows but now that Im comfortable with myself being out I dont have to hide it anymore. So gay livin here I come!!!! haha Peace Out
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:D Finally! Good for you hun! :) Once you get a girl their doubts should go away. :)

lol thanks girl! i hope that opportunity comes soon for ya the feeling is amazing :)<br />
<br />
besides, closets are for clothes, not people! :D

Congratulations! lol you make me want to come out of the closet

Hell YEAH!!!!

Congratulations doll-face! Liberating isn't it?