That Was Grand!

so my best friend for the last couple years now and I were talking yesterday planning what to do for her visit home and catching up a bit. now, I NEVER once thought to tell her I was gay before. like, it didn't cross my mind. i have no idea why. But she was asking about my newest job and I had said that the only reason I love being there is because of who I work with. and instantly that triggers 20 questions for Cute? hott? funny? how tall? whats his name?? and on and on.haha. I answered everything except the name, because right then, I realized I never told her. Being we were texting, I didn't want to. BUT shes very persuasive in making me spill my guts. Her reaction, this is a direct quote too, "Bout f***ing time!!! god! udk how long I've been waiting for you to stop this whole straight charade. you're not fooling anyone"

God i love her :) <3
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I have a funny story along these lines. I was a virgin til I was out of college. One Summer, I had met this girl (we were dating), and took her to a relatives house for dinner one night and my cousin says "I'm glad he finally found a woman, we all thought he was gay".
I was a bit mad at my cousin for saying that, but now years after the girlfriend has gone and I married a woman, I have discovered that I love sucking guys and being penetrated.
I still love women but I also love being with another male. So as much as I don't like labels, I would say I am Bisexual.

Lovely story. Wouldn't it be good if we could all be true to ourselves and not to try to hide our real feelings. It's such a shame and such a damning indictment of mankind that the fear overwhelms the loving that there is in this world.

You couldnt have put it better!

Sometimes they know but they need the cue from us. Other times it's a shocker to them even when you think they know...

I wonder how many people thank that about me 2

I thought for sure I was keeping myself at arms length with it. but now, I feel like everyone knows and just wont admit it. just like I dont sometimes

Know that feeling, I began coming out to my best friends this past year and now I'm hearing that other people had asked them questions about my sexuality!

Love this!! Good Job B! :)