I'm On My Way

So, my parents have known for a week now. I don't know what I was expecting. They're tolerant people, they judge based on the person not the category. But I was nervous. I guess I've always had a disproportionate fear of exposing myself in anyway. So, obviously, this was outside of my comfort zone. I started out with two of my closest friends a couple months ago. That was easy. They already knew and were just waiting for me to feel ready to talk about it. It took longer to tell my parents. I felt like I would be taking away the child they thought they had, the future they thought I would have. But, they barely were surprised. It was so liberating. No more hiding, no more lying, and no more fear. So, while I haven't told everyone (and I don't think I ever will tell EVERYone) I have made a decision to not lie. When I meet the right girl, I won't hide her. No more half-truths for me.
maladicta maladicta
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2 Responses Feb 13, 2012

Well done.Great that you do it now.Accepting yourself is the hardest.You will not care about others as you get older and mature.<br />
Have fun girl and all the best.<br />
Louise CD

Well done girl !