I'm On My Way

So, my parents have known for a week now. I don't know what I was expecting. They're tolerant people, they judge based on the person not the category. But I was nervous. I guess I've always had a disproportionate fear of exposing myself in anyway. So, obviously, this was outside of my comfort zone. I started out with two of my closest friends a couple months ago. That was easy. They already knew and were just waiting for me to feel ready to talk about it. It took longer to tell my parents. I felt like I would be taking away the child they thought they had, the future they thought I would have. But, they barely were surprised. It was so liberating. No more hiding, no more lying, and no more fear. So, while I haven't told everyone (and I don't think I ever will tell EVERYone) I have made a decision to not lie. When I meet the right girl, I won't hide her. No more half-truths for me.
maladicta maladicta 18-21, F 2 Responses Feb 13, 2012

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Well done.Great that you do it now.Accepting yourself is the hardest.You will not care about others as you get older and mature.

Have fun girl and all the best.

Louise CD

Well done girl !