A High Schooler

I'm only 15 years old and have been blessed with many amazing friends. These past few days, I've begun to slowly "come out of the closet". My little entry isn't much of a story, but rather my way of looking at things.

First I suppose I should begin by saying I am a Bisexual  boy. I've always known, but it wasn't until a few years ago when i realized the true meaning behind my feelings. It all began two months ago, when I was at a debate meet with my partner. She was the first person I ever told. At first, i was still conflicted with if i should tell her or not, but I finally manned up and told her about me.
I was scared out of my mind! I was worried that she wouldn't trust me or just plain look at me the same ever again, but she just asked me if it was true, then told me about a secret homosexual experience too. I found the first person I could trust.
A few months later,(Yesterday to be precise) I told another friend of mine about it. I felt that I could trust her because she was openly bisexual. So far, she has been the most proactive with this news and has offered to support me all through my experience. Finally, just today, I told two people about my being bisexual. The first I was joyfully surprised to learn that she was too! The second just accepted me and never looked at me differently. I don't know if it was just luck, but I know I have truly been gifted with the most amazing friends.

Tomorrow comes the hard part, where i tell a male friend about this. I don't know what will happen, but i do know this:
The saying is certainly runs true, that "Closets are meant for brooms, not for people." If anyone who reads this is in a similar situation, don't fear. Those you've befriended have befriended you for a reason, and friendship, true friendship, is based off of trust. If you are on the verge of revealing to your friends who you really are, its like ripping of a band-aid or jumping out of an airplane: At first, there are struggles, but in the end, its always worth it.

vdharla vdharla
Apr 10, 2012