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The Truth Hurts

Well I came out to my mom a couple of my cusens and friends in April. Everyone it seems to be cool with everyone but my mom. She sometimes call me names like "You dumb lesbo". And the only thing I can do is go in my room and cry. I try to ignore it but when I do it seems to get worse. And even though my cusens know I'm a lesbian I can't tell them what my mom says.
mebeingme14 mebeingme14 13-15, F 3 Responses Jul 19, 2012

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Hey, you're in a tough situation. You're going through a lot and I respect you for that. Honestly I feel that you should talk to your Mom yourself. If she's not going to listen to others then why not talk to her yourself? Talk to her alone. Tell her how you feel about how she's treating you. Tell her how you're her daughter and nothing has changed. You're still the same girl she know and live with. Tell her how she's treating you differently then everyone else and how it hurts. That all you do is go to your room and cry. Tell her how you feel it's not right because she's your Mother and when you look up to anyone it's her. For her to bring you down like that isn't right at all. Ask her why she's treating you like that. Tell her that you love her and she should love you too. Nothing should change. I feel the reason why she's treating you like that is because a lot of Parents often feel that they have failed as a parent or something went wrong. I'm not saying anything went wrong with you because absolutely nothing went wrong with you. She needs to know how you feel and know that her words hurt deep especially since they're coming from your Mother. She needs to stop and accept you for who you are. I accept you for who you are. I hope things work out. Good Luck :)

I try to but all she does is curses me out & thank you

Aweee! I'm sorry and you're welcome. I wish I could talk to your Mother for you. Damn, I'm sorry.

Its okay :)

Thats hard! Has your mom changed her view since then?
My mom did not talk to me for days, she actually ignored me completely!
But at the end she understood and we made our peace!

No she acts the same

That is sad:( well...Of course, I dont know your mom, but if she is as my mom was when I came out, she is maybe concerned about all the trouble that could bring for you! Or she cant see that it is not a " choice" and thinks she could get it " out" of you when she talks to you like that! Or she thinks it is only a phase and hopes to stop that " nonsense"?
I dont know......I only hope that you and her can come together again! Is there maybe a close relative who could have a nice and friendly chat with her?
I mean....alone that you told her should show your mom how much you trust her!

Yes her friend is a lesbian & we all sat down one day & we talk but she haven't change she keeps calling me dumb dykes

Oh my gosh.....thats hard! Uff, in that case I think the only thing you can do is waiting until you are old enough that you can go your own way.


I wish you really good luck and loads of energy and still hope that your mom changes her mind one day!! Would be sad if not!

Thank you :)

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I would not dare to come out to Papa Mama yet, not while i live in their house. I do not know when i be able to tell them. So i think you are very brave and i am sorry your mama react like this.