I Don't Care

Just recently I have started theming process of coming out. Before now I was afraid. Afraid of getting bullied, called names, shunned or losing some of my friends. But my hidden sexuality wanted to be free. It was tired of being bottled up. So I made the decision to no longer care what other people thought of me. I started slowly first quietly telling my most accepting friend. And moved on to telling two others. I plan to eventually tell my family and the rest of my friends but even though I try not to let it bother me I'm still afraid deep down
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13-15, M
1 Response Sep 9, 2012

i am the same age and doing the same thing about telling my friends I am bi. They are all accepting but keep pressuring me to tell my parents. How soon are you going to tell your parents because I want to know if I am being unreasonable for not telling them.

I just told my parents today and they where very accepting of me