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So I was never really in the closet, the only people who don't know are my family, my dad a step-mother sort of know. But I've never actually straight up sat them down and told them, I have no idea how to tell them, mostly because I'm not sure if I'm gay. I've know I was BI for awhile but I don't want to tell them I'm lesbian and then end up with a man. Does anyone have any tips on how to tell my family?
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This was posted about a month ago, but taking a chance on that you may have not come up with a solution, I'll offer one. Really, you are the only person who can determine what is right for you and your current situation. That's something that's overly said but its true. No one knows better than yourself and people on the internet don't know your exact story but generally, if you're in a good position and not relying on your parents financially or for housing and you have a good relationship with them, the best thing is to just sit them down and tell them flat out. Or even just slip it into a conversation if they bring up gay rights, or other gay topics. Odds are if they already suspect already it won't be as big of a blow. As for figuring out if you're a full lesbian, I wouldn't worry much. Sexuality isn't as black and white as people like to believe, if you end up with a guy but are mostly attracted to woman then I would say you're gay, you just happen to like one man. It's all up to you and how you would be comfortable identifying yourself. Everyone else isn't as important.

Yes, but how?

Maybe telling them is the best thing to do!