It Is What It Is

I am a 17 year old Lesbian, have been a lesbian since the 7th grade im now a junior in high school. I didn't get to come out on my own. I didn't tell my parents or anyone at school except my best friend well who i thought was my best friend/ Come to find out i was wrong, i told her and the next thing i know everyone in the whole school knows and my parents know, now being who i am i instantly went to the girl the next morning to beat her face in she was lucky the teacher took me to the office before i actually beat her up. The next thing i know the whole east side of the county knows im a lesbian great huh? living in a country town where verybody knows everybody and everyones little secrets. It was hard at first you know being called names while in the 8th grade. I heard everything you could ever imagine, i got into a lot fights because i wouldnt let people walk all over me and ended being the biggest and baddest kid known to my county not even the older kids messed with me anymore. Point is i was never veiwed the same and well i guess you get used to it. I'm a junior now enlisted in the Marine Corps and have had a girlfriend for two years now she is my whole world and everything i could ever ask more and then some. To everyone who thinks they are alone i promise you that you're not you ever need anyone im a great listener thanks for reading
goodolecountrygal goodolecountrygal
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013