Came Out To A Few People So Far.

I slowly began to come out to one person at a time. I lost two friends but they weren't too close anyways. I've only told my mom and not my dad. When I told her she made it all dramatic and cried but in the end she's accepted it. We barely talk about it at all but finally the "when are you gonna get a girlfriend?" or "when you get married I don't know how you're gonna live" comments have ceased.

When I told my best friend he freaked and it took awhile to get comfortable with him; now we're closer than ever and he accepts me completely.

A lot of the people I work with know about it. Not many family members are aware. I really have to come out to more family members! That's gonna be fun!

How in the world am I gonna tell my dad? That's gonna be sooo awkward! Any advice or tips?
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

When I told my dad he struggled with it but accepted it

My mom was cool with it my dad kept asking me if I was the man when I was with a guy

I never told him but I'm sure he figured it out