Well im bisexual. ive known for a while and at first it was very hard to live wit my self wit all this. But when i had my first experince wit a man everything felt so rite i can never explain. But when i told the first person i was terified which was my little sister but i told her when i was curios so when i had my first experince wit a man she was the first i let know and it felt juss great that i had at least one person on my side and thats all i needed. Cause i know wat it feels like when u want to tell some one but ur just affraid that there going to turn there back on and that is one of scariest things in your life. So now i feel like i could say this proudly I AM BISEXUAL IVE BEEN WITH A MAN AND PROUD OF IT.

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2 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Congratulations I came out to my parents just before my 17th birthday in August. I go to a Catholic school and the close friends I've told have stuck by me. I just told my friend that I liked our mutual openly bi friend and she's been really supportive. Really proud of you! Be out and proud!

Good 4 U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!