You Should Be Happy..



I came out 2 years ago. Wasnt easy for me, but Ill tell ya this, I was so miserable about not being myself. I even thought about suicide. I even dated girls because I was hiding who I was. Im 28 and am so much happier with life.

Ya got to be who ya are, if people dont like it, thats their problem. Thats easier said than done, I know.


You are the only one who can decide, but life is short. Why not be happy with yourself and find someone who your going to care about.

if ya ever wanna chat, you know how to reach me.

Tazchi Tazchi
26-30, M
4 Responses Mar 10, 2009

That's a great ideal. True, after coming out, I found an amazing girlfriend, but my family rejected me as did all my old friends. I shouldn't miss them but I do. You'd think MA/RI people would be more accepting... I regret coming out so early. Think there's a way to go back in the closet?

We are whom we are u a special ,, and u make my world complete .. just as u are .. lov u LCW

Good 4 U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WELL SAID!<br />
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I am so glad to hear you are happy!<br />
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Congratulations on coming out!