This Really Sux

A friend of mine met a new girl recently. Shes an awesome girl and they make really , really cute couple. I am happy for them, but I so freakin depressed at the same time. OK...I'l admit it....I'm jealous. They're meeting each others parents now and everyone is soo f**kin happy form them and I'm as lonley as some could feel right now. I'll never have that. I mean even if I met a great guy, I still don't get all that support and happiness that straight people get.

I f**king hate this! I want to be happy for him, but it makes me so sad, cause I just don't think I'll ever be that happy of even fit in. I think thats how I really feel...that I'll never fit in, I'll just be the loner of every group of freinds I have. I'll always be on the outside. They are all very nice to me, but when the couples events come up, I'll allways be on the outside, like a f**king dog.

Sorry I sound so angry, I would never say this to another person face to face. Gay or straight, but I need to get this off my chest so it doesn't stew in my head. I really hate that I feel like this. It really hurts

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i feel the same thing, my BFF is a boy and he's gotten like 100000 girls over the pass 6 years, and me - 0 everything. 0 kisses, 0 love. 0 relationships.....and it sucks !!

its probably too late to tell your friend how you feel about him, b.c that would only cause drama, but you dont have to feel left out. In this day and age you shouldnt feel like an outsider for being gay. Try spending time with other gay people, and you will fit in. Then someday you might meet a partner, and it wont bother you when your friend invites you to gatherings w. his gf when you will have your bf. But if it makes you feel better, even straight people can feel they dont belong when around gay couples. I'm straight and always try 2b friendly to same-sex couples, treat them the same as i would a straight couple, but they seem to be wierded out by that, so when around them sometimes i feel like a third wheel

Hey I'm straight and feel the same way you do for different reasons. <br />
When it comes to the closet thing, I do not care who comes out or who stays in, so long as they are leaving the children out of whatever sexual experiences they are having. Anybody whinning about anything else to do with your sexual choices are just petty.

Well this is the most honest I've ever been when I feel like this. Hopefully its a start to something better.<br />
I have to say, it really hurts when I feel like this. <br />
<br />
Thanx for commenting guys.

I'm sorry, I know what it feels like to be the one left out. I've been there plenty of times myself. I hope putting it out there for others to know is helping you, and I hope it helps as well knowing that this is shared by a lot of others too.

hey, loner here. There's a lot of that I sympathise with. <br />
Sounds like you're in the wrong culture, though. Move to London!