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I found EP with this exact comment in google. I wanted to hear other peoples coming out stories.

I am 24, married to a man and have 2 beautiful daughters. But I have been fighting my inner desire to be with women for far to many years. I suppressed it because I was afraid of what my military father and mother would say. They make jokes about lesbians and gays. I hate it. I usually suck it up. I just do not know how to tell them. My fear has made me so unhappy.

My best friend, who is a 100% lez, told me to work out my other life issues before I try to tell them. Live my life the way I want to and let them know by showing them. What do you think? I need advice.

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Hi, I just came out to my husband last year. We are now separated and getting divorced. I have three children...I was married for 15 years. How come I didn't come out sooner, you might ask? Well, I shoved things down really deep and I was just plain old scared because I had no idea where this would go. But I am so glad I finally did take the leap. No one can tell you what to do...keep on asking for help and when you know in your heart what you need to do and have the courage and internal strength to test the water, jump in. There are lots of folks in the same water learning to swim with you. Really! But go on your timetable...keep talking.

I wish you lots of luck. I am going through a similar thing. I am in my first (and last) lesbian relationship of my life at age 29. It has been extremely difficult, but I know I will be with her the rest of my life. It's definitely a process. There will be many highs and many lows. Just remember through it all that it is your life and you are entitled to find your own version of happiness. Just keep in mind that you have brought 2 children into the world with your husband. They will always love you, but make sure they have the support they need to understand and get through all of it. Good luck to you!

Thank you for your thoughts. i know i will tell them one day. But i definetly feel like I need to be divorced first. There are a few things I need to lay out ahead of me before I reach that ricketty bridge. hopefully by then the wind wont be blowing and I will get across safely.

OK, I'm straight, so what do I know? Not much about this, except how it feels when you are living a lie.<br />
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I think you should tell them when you feel ready. You'll never have everything worked out, so don't wait for that! If it is causing you pain to hide it from them, or you feel restricted in living the way you want to, then tell them! The fact that you are here saying this, tells me you're pretty close! Just make sure you have some people around you that you can turn to if your parents have a negative reaction.