Did You Know That Scott Is Gay?

It's true, I know in my heart that I definitely love men and completely accept the fact that homosexuality is a permanent part of who I am. I no longer see any reason to hide my true identity from the world and have decided to officially come out of the closet. My name is Scott and I am a Gay Man.
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6 Responses Jul 12, 2010

That made me cry.... hugs congrats.... Love you brother...

All I can say is well done dude!! Now go out there and live the life you want to live!!

welcome scott to life on this side of the door . i to am proud to be gay and welcome you. high fives from windsor ontario canada.

Welcome aboard! Always good to have one more with us. Life is gonna get good, now that the secret's out and you can walk in the sunshine with your head up and looking ahead.

Hey Scott! Congrats and welcome to the world of homosexuals =) <br />
I warmly shake you by the hand. =) Congrats!

Hi Scott! I am Erick and I am a gay man also! You are very courageous to take this step by being honest and true with yourself. You are valued and welcome to be yourself! When you go outside , smile and hold your head up high! Youre not alone!