I Came Out To A Good Friend

The other day I was seaching a gay website just browsing for locals. OMG I saw the face of a man I've known since 1998.  I wasn't very shocked but I was surprised.

I contacted him annonomously and he responded.  I did reveal that I know him and he knows me.  I let the exchange go on for a couple of days.  Then I emailed him to meet for breakfast and I revealed my identity.  Not only that I revealed that I too am gay.  He was quite surprised.

Even though it was only this one friend I came out to it sure was a relief to tell someone I know.  He and I talked for two hours and it truely like a weight was lifted off me for this one person I personally know to know that I am gay.

Yea, I know it was very low risk to tell a gay guy that I'm gay but it sure felt good.  It's a beginning.  After all it's been my secret for more than 40 years.
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Sep 20, 2012