Losing Friends Over Stupid Things

I hate looking weak. I love thinking that Im the best person at everything I do. I hate when I see people out perform me. I have lost friends over thing like this.

I am a very crafty person and the other day, I shared with my friends that I taught myself how to make hair bows and I made them out of "Tiffany Blue" ribbon. I wish I would have kept my big mouth shut because my best friend decided that she wanted to make ribbons too, with the same color ribbon! Not to mention the fact that she had to rub it in my face that shes done cheer for five years and "knows what shes doing". It made me so mad, I havent talked to her since.

Its such a silly reason to be mad at someone, but shes one of those perfect girls who gets everything she wants and is good at everything she does. Just for once, I wanted people to notice my skills too. But no, all her bows get 3 times as many likes on Facebook as mine, even though it was MY IDEA and I MADE THEM FIRST.

I dont know why Im being so territorial over a couple of stupid bows, but thats just what happens when you are over competitve...
porschemarie porschemarie
18-21, F
May 23, 2012